• 2018

    More in-depth cooperation

    We have further cooperation with more than 100 enterprises around the world, including many well-known large enterprises.

  • 2011

    Creating a Chinese subsidiary

    We have established our own subsidiary in China. The name is Ningbo Yi hang Chemical Plastics Co., Ltd.

  • 2000

    Entering the Chinese market

    We entered the Chinese market with foreign car brands.

  • 1995

    Building a factory in Holland

    We set up third factories in Holland

  • 1986

    Building a factory in Canada

    we built second factories in Canada.

  • 1985

    To cooperate with more well-known enterprises

    With the improvement of popularity, we have entered into partnership with more global enterprises.

  • 1980

    Building factories in the United States

    With the increasing demand for products, we built our first factory in the United States.

  • 1975

    Cooperation with some local enterprises

    After the first ten years of initial development, we have reached agreement with some enterprises to become their suppliers.

  • 1965

    a-ini establish

    In 1965, a-ini was founded. The first place was a small workshop.