Ainai Weicheng Engineering Plastics int the United States,Canada,the Netherlands and other places have manufacturing facilities,is engaged in a high-performance engineering plastics modified enterprises.Mainly engaged in automotive engineering plastics production support and research and development.2000 with foreign car brands to enter the Chinese market.

In China in the high-end line,the domestic cooperation with a number of factories and a number of offices.In  the domestic companies not only advanced production technology and equipment,and the joint domestic first-class chemical research personnel,joint R & D production and technical exchanges,and further ensure the quality and meet the requirements of the domestic market,our distance is closer.

The company mainly produces PA6、PA66、PA66/6、PC/ABS、PC/PBT、PBT、ABS、PP and other modified ploymer plastic materials.Mainly used for auto parts,electronic appliances.power tools,mechanical parts,high-speed rail accessories,etc.